I’m Allie Prosalova.

I’m obsessed with the outdoors, I basically live in my pj’s, and drink iced tea by the gallon. I love anything fluffy, my girl squad, and natural wellness.

My mission? To be the anchor in the storm that is planning your wedding. I will go above and beyond to be there for you on your most special day. Many times I have done last minute bridal makeup, helped the bride into her gown, hemmed a bridesmaid dress, pined corsages, directed traffic, gone dress/flower/decoration shopping with the bride, made centerpieces/invitations/gifts, held the dress/the shoes/the phone/the wallet/the drink/the flowers/the baby all the while shooting breathtaking photos. I am known as the “girl who has everything you need” whether that would be mints, gum, floss, pain pills, pins, hosiery, deodorant and even the poo-pourie! You can count on me to be there.

I am invested in making your special day a celebration of your love. I love capturing the secret moments, the hand holding, the glances, the soft whispers, the teary eyes, the lacing fingertips, the gentle strokes. I work hard to blend in and I am all about making your dreams come true!

Currently, I am photographing many gorgeous weddings around New York, with plans of expanding to all over the country.

I’d be honored to be able capture your special day, so please contact me so we can discuss all the details!

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